Triumph release details of new Thruxton RS model

Triumph have released details about their all new Thruxton RS model. Billed as an evolution of the Thruxton model, it could be yours from £13,000. There are of course some improvements in power over the current Thruxton R model, but read on to find out what else is different and whether it's worth it.

The most significant improvements are a lighter engine with more power. Peak power has been increased by 8PS to 105PS (from 97PS on the Thruxton 1200 R) but peak torque remains the same albeit at a lower rev figure (at 4250 rpm rather than 4950 rpm).

Another change is using Brembo M50 calipers, but you probably won't notice any difference from the Thruxton R as that had Brembo calipers, just not the M50s. What you might notice is that the dry weight has been reduced from 203 kg to 197 kg.

The weight loss (and power increase) is all engine related. There is a new lightweight low inertia crankshaft, clutch, balancer shaft, alternator, cam cover, engine cover, and pistons. Combined with revised ports, cam profile, and secondary air-system these reduce radial inertia by 20% which allows the engine to speed up quicker than before.

The Thruxton RS is only £600 more than the Thruxton R. If you are buying a new Thruxton then it's a no-brainer to go for the RS model.

Another notable development is that Triumph have quietly dropped the Street Cup. This was the equivalent to the Thruxton 1200 but with the 900cc engine and despite some enticements it never sold well. Sports bikes just don't sell, even if they are retro in look.