Tiger 900 Demo Bikes in Dealerships

UK dealerships have received their quota of Tiger 900 GT and Rally demo bikes ready for the preview evening. All they have to do is to take them out of their crates, do some final assembly, and PDI them then you can take them for a spin and find out which one you are going to put a deposit down on.

There is no news about other dealerships and with the current issues in various countries the dealer launch may have to be put back. Currently, in the UK, the preview events are on the 19th and 20th from 18:00 to 20:00. Get in touch with your dealership to check if there are places.

The Tiger 900 is also featured in the new James Bond file 'No Time to Die' though you'll have to wait until the end of the year to see them in action on the big screen. James Bond stunt coordinator Lee Morrison said; "Triumph gave us early Tiger 900 prototypes before launch so we could film in 3 key locations well before the bike’s official reveal. I have to say that we have literally thrown everything at them. Big craggy sharp rocks, deep boggy mud, high speeds, big jumps and huge climbs and descents across a variety of conditions. The Tigers really have stood up to the task incredibly well, with no mechanical issues, and to me this really proves their go-anywhere credentials."

The Tiger 900 comes in three models, the basic Tiger 900, the Tiger 900 GT, and the Tiger 900 Rally. Prices start from £9,500.