New TFC Model #3 is a Bobber - Official

Triumph's latest 'never to be repeated' TFC model has been revealed to be the Bonneville Bobber. Not that this was much of a surprise as the teaser photos were fairly obvious. Only 750 of these machines will be produced worldwide and it is rumoured that they have all sold-out already despite a price of £15,500.

This is a one-of-a-kind TFC ‘Carbon Black’ and ‘Matt Carbon Black’ premium paint scheme with silver foil Union Jack flag and a brushed foil Bobber fuel tank decal, gold fuel tank pin stripe and beautiful Triumph triangle decal.

The Bobber TFC benefits from a significant and unique engine upgrade, designed and tuned to deliver 10PS more peak power.  At 87PS @ 6,250 rpm, this is an incredible 13% more peak power than the original Bobber, with more power delivered from 3,500 rpm all the way up to the rev limit, which is 500 rpm higher at 7,500 rpm.

Complementing its incredible performance is the Bobber TFC’s higher torque, which is noticeably higher across the entire rev range, peaking at 110Nm @ 4,000 rpm which when compared with the original Bobber is 4 Nm higher.

The Bobber TFC comes with a one-off special Arrow exhaust system. The Arrow branded brushed silencers with carbon fibre end caps combine with lighter single skin header pipes to deliver a totally unique rich and raw British twin soundtrack.

For a smooth and elegant powerful ride with excellent stopping power, the Bobber TFC features a premium Öhlins suspension and Brembo brakes set-up that is unique to the Bobber TFC.  This includes the highest specification fully adjustable Öhlins 43mm upside-down forks, and high specification adjustable Öhlins RSU together with Brembo twin 4-piston M50 radial monobloc calipers and twin floating Brembo discs.  This superb braking capability is completed by a premium Brembo radial master cylinder, and MCS span & ratio adjustable brake lever plus matching clutch lever.

Already renowned for its spectacular handling, the new Bobber TFC delivers a significant approx. 5kg weight saving over the standard Bobber making it even more agile.  This has been achieved by the introduction of several lighter weight engine and chassis components including: Arrow silencers, carbon fibre bodywork and a tail light removal (market dependent).

New all-LED lighting delivers improved visibility, lower energy consumption and greater long-term durability, and includes LED headlight with signature light profile Daytime Running Light with unique Triumph triangle badge, multi-functional rear indicators*, compact front indicators, and number plate light.

The Bobber TFC’s high specification ride-enhancing technology continues with new stylish feature-packed instrument display screen with beautiful unique TFC-branded dial face and instrument bezel with new Triumph badge.  This incorporates a digital menu system accessed via switch gear, and key features include: odometer, rev counter, gear position indicator, range to empty, fuel level, average and current fuel consumption, clock, two trip settings, service indicator, and traction control settings.