Warehouse of Triumph Spares Unearthed

Large finds of classic motorcycle spares are getting less and less common. However, Triumph spares specialists Burton Bike Bits have just released a video to show one of (yes just one of) their huge stocks of classic bike parts. You will see from the video that most of these parts are second hand, but you can see some really rare parts.

Burton Bike Bits stock parts for Triumph, amongst various other British marques and a look at their website shows a huge selection of Triumph parts, some of which is genuine new old stock, other reproduction. However they don't really mention much about this massive hoard of second hand motorcycle parts.

Autojumble Suppliers

Burton Bike Bits say that they don't really push these parts on their websites, but they do supply some autojumblers who attend the likes of Kempton Park and Newark Autojumble. The range of parts on the video are an autojumblers dream and with two more warehouses of second hand parts there is plenty of choice for everyone.

"We have a few autojumblers who buy from us regularly, we only sell job lots of parts from our warehouse. They do sometimes ask for specific parts too which we can often dig out" says Danny from Burton Bike Bits.

If you are an autojumbler looking for stock, Burton Bike Bits would be well worth getting in touch with. They have a vast stock of Triumph spares, but also lots of BSA, Norton & Royal Enfield parts in there as well.

Visit https://burtonbikebits.net/, call 01530 564362, email sales@burtonbikebits.net