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Street Scrambler in The Motorbike Show

A new series of The Motorbike Show is coming to screens in the UK in April. The series will be aired on ITV4. Henry Cole has been filming the series over the last month or so and at least one of the machines featured will be the Triumph Street Scrambler which Henry was riding around on in Spain on one of his favourite routes.

Henry Cole TV

Street Scrambler

Sump Magazine start Video Campaign

Sump Magazine have started promoting their YouTube videos in an attempt to promote motorcycling in the UK. The video they are hoping to get more viewers features pictures of Triumph motorcycles and illustrates the fact that modern bikes are part of the wider transport solution - and not just in London.

Promotional Video

YouTube Channel

Sump Magazine

New USA Branches in the process of forming

With the success of TOMCC USA in attracting members from all over the USA, there are now two new branches that are being formed. New England and Michigan. If you want to connect with fellow Triumph Owners and aren't already a Member then Join Now and then join the relevant branch for your area.

New England TOMCC USA

Michigan TOMCC USA


Could your shed star on TV?

Is your shed full of vintage vehicles and automotive memorabilia? If it is then it could be perfect for a new television series that is being filmed this year by HCA Entertainment, the creators of Shed & Buried (Travel Channel), The Motorbike Show (ITV4) and Find It Fix It Drive It (Channel 4). Read on to find out how.

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Henry Cole TV


TOMCC Italia Collio Friulano Ride 18/05/2019

Questo è il primo moto giro TOMCC in Friuli, organizzato in collaborazione con gli amici Pochi ma Bonnisti. Il nostro Vincenzo “Enzo” Chirivì ci porterà a visitare questa affascinante terra di confine [This is the first TOMCC bike ride in Friuli, organized in collaboration with a few but Bonnie friends].

Collio Friulano Ride 2019

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Classic Motorcycle Event at Dover Transport Museum

Dover Transport Museum, based in the Whitfield area of Dover, are organising a Classic Motorcycle Show at the museum on Sunday the 12th May 2019. They have asked the TOMCC to help support the event in anyway we can - such as putting on stands or organising ride-outs (maybe even of 70 miles).

Dover Transport Museum


Motorcycle Thefts Increasing in the UK

Statistics for 2018 show that motorcycle thefts have increased dramatically since 2017. They also show that fewer and fewer thefts are resulting in prosecutions. One 80 year old TOMCC Member has recently become another statistic as his Triumph was stolen on the 8th February from Swansea in South Wales.

Thefts in London