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Adverts are posted by Club Members but are open to everyone to reply to.

Be VERY watchful for e-mails from scammers or con-artists. They will target ads (both For Sale and Wanted) in many different ways.

For Sale ads are often targetted when the buyer sends you a lot more than the cost to 'cover postage' and requests that you send back the difference - their payment will suddenly turn out to be fraudulent once they receive the difference, and even after a cheque has cleared it can still be cancelled.

Wanted ads can be targetted simply by the person only pretending to have the part and sending you a picture they find on the internet, once they get your money they will disappear. Even if someone else is confirming that someone is genuine, that is still probably the same scammer using a different e-mail address.

It is recommended that you do not hand over any money until you have seen the actual part or machine for yourself in person.

We do not allow ads from Traders, only personal ads from members.

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