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New TOMCC Branch: Hoosier TOMCC (Indianapolis)

Hoosier TOMCC has become the TOMCC's latest branch. Based in Indianapolis in the USA they had their inaugural meeting on the 11th July and within a few weeks had more than the required 20 Members to form the branch. They meet at the Triumph Indianapolis dealership on the 3rd Saturday of the month at 11am.

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CoMO issue Revised UK Guidelines for Motorcycling Events

This time the National Police Chiefs Council (NPCC) have also given their stamp of approval to the guidelines which are designed to keep people within the law and acting responsibly. The TOMCC issued their own advice a while back which is largely along the same lines. Whatever you do, please act responsibly.

CoMO Riding Guidelines

TOMCC Advice

Triumph Offers Extended Warranties In UK & Europe

As well as the standard 2 year unlimited mileage warranty that Triumph offer on all their new motorcycles, Triumph are now offering an extension to that for either one or two years within the UK and Europe. What's more, that extension stays with the bike if you sell it on and it's valid throughout Europe.

Extended Warranty

Italia Garanzia

TOMCC Face Masks now Available

A washable re-useable face mask has recently been introduced to the product line of the TOMCC. Just in time too as the UK Government have announced that from 24th July you will need to wear a face mask when you are inside shops and stores - and presumably Triumph dealerships also. Buy yours today.

TOMCC Facemask

TOMCC Merchandise

A Coronavirus Situation Update from the TOMCC

As you may be aware, the UK Government have relaxed the legal measures put in place to restrict the effects of Coronavirus. The most important aspect of this, as far as the TOMCC is concerned, relates to the maximum number of people allowed to gather which up to recently has been limited to 6 in England.

Government Guidance

Scotland - What you need to know

Welsh Advice

Triumph's Summer Offers Now Available

Triumph have some good offers available at the moment if you're thinking of buying a new Triumph. Currently the best offers are in the UK where they last up until the end of September. In the USA and Italy the current offers expire at the end of this month (July). You may even get a better deal if you haggle.

Offers UK

USA Incentives

Ultime Promozioni

Triumph Release Tiger 900 Chassis Video

Triumph Factory Stories is a series of videos, made by Triumph and featuring Stuart Wood (Triumph Chief Engineer), showing off their latest models and giving some back history too. This month it's been the turn of the new Tiger 900 Chassis to have its stories told. The engine video had been released earlier.

Tiger 900 Chassis

Tiger 900 Engine

CoMO thanks motorcyclists for their responsible actions

The members of the Coalition of Motorcycling Organisations have issued a statement thanking motorcyclists for their restraint and responsible actions so far. CoMO is coalition of the TOMCC, the BMF, MAG UK, IAM Roadsmart, the VMCC, the Trail Riders Fellowship, the Auto-Cycle Union, and Biker Down UK.

CoMO Guidance

Government Guidance

UK MoT Tests are Back from 1st August

You will still get the 6 month extension if your MoT expires before then though so don't worry. However if your MoT test is due on 1st August or later then you will need to book up quick as we're sure the spaces will be filling up fast. This will apply to England, Scotland, and Wales as announced by the Government on Monday.

MoT Check