Triumph Launch Electrically-Powered Bicycle

Yes, you read it right. Triumph's latest two-wheeled product doesn't have an internal combustion engine! Designed in the UK by Triumph this marks a first in Triumph's 118 year history. Could it be claimed to be a motorcycle (Triumph do state that it's a bicycle) and allow Full Membership of the Club? Read on to find out.

Combining performance engineering and a premium array of components with the latest iteration of Shimano’s battery and drivetrain technology, the Trekker GT's elegant frame combined with the narrow-width handlebars and the ultra-comfort of the Selle Royal Vivo saddle, provides the rider with optimal ergonomics and great rider control.

It's not a particularly cheap bicycle at £2,950 but amongst e-Bikes that is slap-bang in the middle of the range. A good price-point. The machine comes with premium Shimano components such as the BT-8035 (504 Wh) battery, EC-E60022A charger, powering a DU-E6100 250W (60 Nm) motor. The brakes are also Shimano but the suspension is the Paragon Silver TK from Rockshox with 65mm of travel. Triumph have designed the hydro-formed 6061 aluminium alloy chassis with internal cable routing.

You can get the machine in three different frame sizes (small 450mm, medium 500mm and large 550mm) to suit rider heights from 155cm up to over 180cm.

Despite it being an e-Bike, this is harking back to Triumph's roots which was a bicycle manufacturer before it was a motorcycle manufacturer.

So... could we call it a motorcycle? Well a motorcycle is simply a two (or three) wheeled motor vehicle, and a motor vehicle is a self-propelled vehicle (that doesn't operate on rails) which uses a motor for propulsion. That motor can be internal-combustion, or it can be electric. So yes, this is a motorcycle.

Does it qualify for Full Membership of the TOMCC? Only someone who owns a Triumph motorcycle can be a Full Member. A Triumph motorcycle is defined as being powered by an engine which is the product of "Triumph Engineering Co Ltd" or their predecessors (i.e. Coventry) or successors (i.e. Hinckley). In this case the motor has been made by Shimano so unless the rules change this does not qualify someone to join the TOMCC as a Full Member.