Prospective East Kent Branch News

It was only a few days ago that news of an Oxford Branch was received, and now we have news of an East Kent Branch that is in the early stages of being formed. The first meeting for this branch will be on Tuesday the 6th March at the Drum Inn in Stanford, not far from Hythe and Folkestone.

If you are already a member and want to join the East Kent Branch then please send an e-mail to the Club's Membership Secretary ( You should hopefully have got an e-mail asking whether you want to join it so just reply YES to that e-mail.

If you are not already a member but are keen to support the East Kent Branch then either turn up at the first meeting or join the Club as a TOMCC HQ member and then e-mail the Club's Membership Secretary to register your interest in joining the Branch.

The first meeting will be at the Drum Inn, Stone Street, Stanford North, Ashford, Kent, TN25 6DN on Tuesday 6th March starting at 7pm.