TOMCC Merchandise change of Supplier

The TOMCC are currently in the process of changing their supplier of Merchandise. At the moment it is possible to order TOMCC branded clothing from a temporary website that the new supplier has set up. If you would like any badges then please e-mail the Club Treasurer who will be able to help.

There was going to be a three month change-over period, but the previous supplier has decided to go their own way with immediate effect. We do have another supplier ready to take over, but it will of course take time for them to get up to speed and build a Merchandise Website. This has also affected the various branch Merchandise websites that were using the same supplier.

In the interim, please use the temporary clothing ordering page and we will let everyone know when the new Merchandise site is open. We are hoping that postage will be a lot cheaper using a new supplier and if you have any other suggestions then we'll be happy to listen to them.