New 'A Brief History of the Speed Twin' Video

Ace Classics, London, and YouTube vlogger MotoBob have got together to produce an 11 minute video giving a very brief history of the Triumph Speed Twin. Having got a Speed Twin on loan, MotoBob heads down to Ace Classics to learn about the origins of the Speed Twin and a few pieces of history in its development.

Starting with an original 1938 model - the first year of manufacture - Ace Classics' expert gives some details about the model and how the basic engine design (overhead valve, parallel twin) formed the basis of all Triumph models from then on. The starting process is explained, as are the gauges and controls. An interesting detail is the lamp in the tank console that could be used as a torch if you broke down at night.

Next is a 1953 Police Speed Twin model. The Sprung Hub (1949) is pointed out - a replacement for the rigid back end - if you've never seen one. The Nacelle (the name of our magazine) is shown off, and the tank rack is explained. An interesting detail is the hand-pump which along with the front mudguard stay which could be used as a stand allowed punctures to be easily repaired.

Next up is a 1956 Speed Twin with a swinging arm (first produced in 1954). Along with telescopic forks, it's not a lot different to the modern day motorcycles.

Not much is said about the modern Speed Twin, but there are some good pieces from Ace Classics.