Bonhams "Winter Sale" on 11/12th December

This is a large auction with a lot of Triumphs in it - some may even be relatively cheap. If you're looking for a good Classic Triumph that you don't have much work to do on then one of the motorcycles on offer may be your thing. There are many other makes up for auction too - they're great to look at if nothing else.

There are about 33 Triumphs up for auction on the 11th and 12th December 2020 from a variety of sources. The National Motorcycle Museum are selling off a number of duplicate machines from their collection. Included in that is a T120 (est £10-15k), a 6T (est £8-12k), a Legend T160 (est £8-12k), a T150 (est £6-9k), a T140E (est £5-8k), a Rob North Replica (est £14-18k), a TRW (est £8-12k), a Daytona 1200 (est £2-2.5k), and a Tigress (est £3-4k). There is also a Triumph Drag Bike (est £25-30k) built in the USA by Bud Hare. Also on offer are the 2003 Valmoto Daytona 600s of Craig Jones, Callum Ramsey, and Jim Moodie (est £16-20k each). The museum has been struggling with the loss of visitors due to the COVID-19 restrictions and no grant from the Heritage Commission.

If you want more of a restoration piece then there are Triumphs for you to consider. Such as this TR7V (est £1.8-2.8k), or this TR7V with no frame number (£1.6-2.6k). There is a restorable TR6P (est £2-4k), a TR6SS Combination (est £3-5k), and a Tiger Cub with a re-stamped frame (est £1.6-2k). From the same ex-owner as the Cub is a Model XO which needs a lot of restoration (est £0.6-1k), a Tiger 70 grass-tracker (est £0.7-1k), a 3TA (est £1-1.8k), a 3HW racer (est £0.7-1k), and a 3HW (est £2-3k).

There are also some other reasonable machines available like this original 1991 Trophy 1200 (est £2-3k), this 1968 T120 (est £5-6k), a Silver Jubilee (est £6-7k), a 3HW (est £5-6k), a couple of Tiger 100 machines (est £5-7k), a TR5 (est £6-8k), and a T120 (est £6-8k), though this 1931 Model WS (est £3-4k) needs some restoration.

Lastly there is a rather nice possible Works TT machine from 1927 that needs some TLC but at between £20,000 and £30,000 you'll need deep pockets.