Tiger 900 Reviews online

Back in February Triumph launched the Tiger 900 range to the press out in Morocco - why weren't we invited?!?! The video reviews resulting from that event have all appeared online so if you're considering buying one then check out the reviews below. They're also good to watch, and amusing, whilst in self-isolation.

The main thing they are focussing on is the T-Plane crank engine. General impressions are good with the technology giving you better response from the engine. The T-plane crank effectively gives the triple engine a twin feel and improves tractability by allowing the engine to rev-up quicker and deliver its torque quicker. This is more obvious off-road, but on-road you will still notice the improved torque when pulling away.

The Tiger 900 is also the bike you will find at the Triumph Adventure Centre in Wales.

The 44 Teeth review is very honest and worth a good listen to (colourful language at times).

Another good review is from Lamb Chop Rides.