2019 is the 70th Anniversary of the TOMCC

This year (2019) is the 70th Anniversary of the birth of the Triumph Owners' Motor Cycle Club. The milestone is being marked by a number of events this year, rather than a single big event which not every member would be able to get to. Keep an eye on the Events and Rideouts pages for more news.

The Club was founded in November of 1949 and had its first meeting at the Church Hall, Acuba Road, Wandsworth (South London - since demolished in the 80's). From an initial handful of members, the Club has grown over the years to become the largest community of Triumph Owners. Originally the Club's name was going to be the "Triumph Motor Cycle Club" but Edward Turner insisted it be given a name that disconnected it from the factory - and so "Owners'" was inserted. This also had influences on the names of many other Clubs - wherever you see 'Owners' in the Club name, that is down the TOMCC being the first.

One of the events - or rather series of events - being planned for this year is for as many Branches as possible to organise a rideout of 70 miles for any TOMCC Member to take part in (even if not in a Branch - i.e. HQ). Every member who completes the 70 miles on a Triumph as certified by the organising branch will get a special memento of the accomplishment.

However there are more things in the pipeline so keep an eye on Nacelle, on the Trifest pages, and on the Events and Rideouts pages. We hope to see all of our members on a Triumph at some time this year. Let's make the 70th anniversary a great one.