TOMCC Merchandise Re-Opens

Redline Clothing provide the TOMCC with its Merchandise and run the online store on behalf of the TOMCC. They have now managed to re-open after temporarily closing because of the Coronavirus restrictions. They are taking orders on all merchandise through the website and through the various branch websites.

10% of all sales during lockdown will be donated to essential care workers in the community.

We all have a responsibility to do all we can to ensure our safety and that of others, the most important thing now is that we listen to what the government says, follow their guidelines, stay home and stay safe.

Although clothing stores remain closed as being non-essential, mail-order stores are allowed to do business. As Redline Clothing is primarily mail-order there is nothing preventing them from opening. They have spent the last few weeks devising ways to run their business with social distancing to protect their staff.

The restrictions are making things more difficult and delivery of orders may take longer than usual. Please contact Redline Clothing for more details.