Say Howdy to our latest branch: TOMCC San Diego

The TOMCC is proud to announce that its 58th Branch has now formed. The new branch is based in San Diego in sunny California, USA. They meet over in Mission Bay at the De Anza Cove, Triumph Tree, Mission Bay Park and they meet there on the first Saturday of every month from 1pm in the afternoon.

If you are a Triumph Owner in the San Diego area then drop in and say hello sometime. You can join the Club too so you can then get access to their private Facebook group. The Chairman is Joe Asaro, the Secretary is Devan Ciemiewicz, and the Treasurer is Jacob (Jake) Greenberg.

It is easy to start a new Branch of the TOMCC in your area. We don't ask that you be a long serving member, or even that knowledgeable about Triumph. We just ask that you like riding your Triumph and want to encourage others to ride theirs.

Firstly, though, you do need to be a Member of the TOMCC. Secondly you need to find a place to meet - you may already know of a place or maybe your local Triumph dealer has a cafe attached. Thirdly you need to find another 19 people to join the Club and support your branch - again your local Triumph dealer may be happy to help. That's it really. All you need to do then is get in touch with us with the list of 20 Members supporting the branch and we'll help sort out everything else. You will need a Branch committee to run the branch, but since all your members will be joining and renewing online they won't have a lot to do apart from sort out some events throughout the year.

If you have any questions about starting a new branch then please get in touch with us.