2019 TOMCC AGM in Wolverhampton

Every year the TOMCC has their Annual General Meeting in a different location of the country. Early this year it was up in Newcastle upon Tyne, before that in Northants, before that in Essex, Gloucestershire, and Surrey. Next year it hits the middle of the country in Wolverhampton on the 7th April.

The location of the AGM is the Goodyear Pavilion, Stafford Road, Wolverhampton, WV10 6AJ.

This is not a rally, and there won't be any events other than the AGM itself. It is primarily for Club Members to hear how the Club has been progressing, elect Club Officers, vote on any propositions, and ask questions of the various Committee Members.

Although not confirmed, the AGM will almost certainly start promptly on Sunday the 7th April 2019 at 11am, so please make sure you've signed in before then. You will need your Membership Card to be able to sign in and vote at the AGM. There will be a break for lunch around 12:30/1ish, and the meeting should finish between 3 and 4pm (usually closer to 3pm).

The AGM is open to any Full Member of the Club, and any Associate Member representing their branch.

There will be more details in due course - watch out for announcements in Nacelle.