New TOMCC Merchandise for 2021

We may all be locked down (at least in the UK) but that doesn't mean we can't be the best dressed Triumph Owners does it? There is a whole lot of new Merchandise available on the TOMCC Merchandise shop with a new Embroidered Fleece and a new Roundel design on Sweatshirts, Hoodies, and T-Shirts.

The 280gsm embroidered fleeces have a full-length zip and come in four colours. With the embroidered TOMCC Logo they retail at £40 each. Ideal for winter working out in the shed.

The new TOMCC Roundel design is available on Sweatshirts from £22 and T-Shirts from £15. All prices are exclusive of postage and packaging.

Please note that all orders are made to order - including the printing or embroidering.

You can also get a range of badges, stickers, and keyrings from the TOMCC Merchandise website - but please read the specific ordering information.

Some of our Branches also have their own Merchandise sites: Yorvik, Leicester, West Riding, TOMCC USA, Meriden, Oxfordshire, North Wales, Somerset, Rother, New England TOMCC, East Kent, N.W. London, Shropshire, TOMCC San Diego, North Staffs.