Triumph Launch the Tiger Sport 660

Triumph have today launched the Tiger Sport 660 in a global online reveal event hosted by Jamie Roche and featuring the usual Triumph staff and two reviewers. It will be available from January 2022 for £8,450 ($9,295 or €8.995). If you want to get in early then phone your dealership now and book a test ride.

Steve Sargent introduced the machine pointing out that its triple power and low down torque as well as throughout the range makes it currently the most powerful bike in its category. It can be made A2 compliant and has the lowest cost of ownership of the category.

Vanessa Ruck (The Girl on a Bike) was very impressed with the machine having test rode it before it was launched. She rated it as an excellent all-rounder without having any compromises. You can listen to her review on YouTube.

Stuart Wood talked about the class leading technology: switchable traction control with two rider modes, and a TFT dashboard. It also has LED lighting, self cancelling indicators, Immobiliser, Slip Assist clutch, ABS. The bike has been designed for comfort when riding and also with luggage. The top box can fit two helmets inside.

Rob at Motobob also reviewed the machine and was also impressed with the technology.

Miles Perkins finished up talking about the styling, colours, and accessories.

What do we think? We think it will be a success - the right bike at the right price at the right time.