Triumph Trike presented to Simon Weston

Falkland war veteran and hero Simon Weston CBE was presented with the keys to his very own Triumph Trike fulfilling a lifetime ambition. Our Patron, Norman Hyde, was instrumental in the project which required foot controls due to Simon being unable to pull standard controls with his hands.

Simon has also been made an Honorary Member of the Shropshire branch. This is in recognition of all the work he does for charities and other organisations to help publicise their cause and raise funds for their work.

The project has been funded by donations with the TOMCC giving £2000 and a further £10,000 being raised from individuals. 

A presentation was made at Trike Design in Caerphilly by Norman Hyde with representatives of the TOMCC Committee and several members of the Shropshire branch in attendance. We look forward to seeing Simon on one of the Club runs in the near future.