Prices Announced for Bonneville Speedmaster

Triumph released the new Bonneville Speedmaster late last year (along with the new Bonneville Bobber Black) and many thought that it would be quite a costly machine given the specification. Well now Triumph have released details of the pricing of the Bonneville Speedmaster... and they are less than many thought. Continue reading for the prices.

In the UK, the basic Jet Black model starts at just £11,650. If you want the Cranberry Red paint then you need to add £125, and if you want the two-tone Jet Black and Fusion White then you need to add £300 to the basic model. The UK prices aren't on the Triumph website at the time of writing.

In the US, the basic Jet Black model starts at $13,150 with Cranberry Red paint costing $250 and two-tone paint costing $500.

Of course, if you want all the accessories - and there are a lot to choose from - then those will cost you extra. However the basic price of the Speedmaster does include the 1200cc high-torque engine (lots of pulling power at low revs), Rider modes, switchable Traction Control, Torque-Assist clutch, ABS, Immobiliser, and single-button Cruise Control.

At a measured 65.4 miles per gallon it shouldn't cost as much to run as earlier Speedmasters. Hopefully the first demonstrators should be in the dealerships soon.