Triumph Launch Two New Speed Triples

Triumph have today (5th Feb 2018) launched not one, but two new Speed Triples. The Speed Triple S and Speed Triple RS. Following on from two teaser videos (aren't motorcycle launches getting more like film releases every day), the final video of the launch went live today featuring Carl Fogarty and Gary Johnson.

Triumph are very much trading on their image of the past when they dub the machines the original hooligan. The iconic 1994 Speed Triple MK1 was, when it was released, the ultimate hooligan machine and Triumph have only kept improving on that. These, Triumph claim, are the most powerful and advanced Speed Triples ever.

The 1050cc engine has been massively overhauled to give higher power (150 PS) and torque (117 Nm) figures. The crank has been lightened allowing the engine to spin up quicker and deliver that power quicker. They've also revamped the exhaust system to give a much more throaty sound. Other engine changes are lighter Nikasil-plated cylinder liners, a smaller starter motor, a lighter battery and alternator, new piston profiles, a redesigned cylinder head with improved gas flow and compression ratio, a redesigned sump that lowers the oil level in the engine, and a re-routed lubrication system that now sends the oil internally through the head gasket to the cylinder head and so removes the need for any external oil pipes.

As is expected on all modern machines, they both come with a 5 inch TFT instrument panel with rider modes. They also feature the illuminated switch cubes that have also become standard fitting to new machines. The ABS and Traction Control have been matched with a new Optimised Cornering system that uses state of the art inertial measuring units (IMUs) to detect lean, yaw, and speed to give the machine a better level of handling. You also get Cruise Control... Cruise Control... on a hooligan machine!?!? Well I guess you do need to do some motorway riding at some point. The RS has keyless ignition - hopefully this won't result in a rise of wireless key-extender thefts... keep the keyless keys in a closed metal tin is my advice.

Suspension wise, the S gets 43mm Showas whereas the RS gets 43mm Ohlins NIX30s and a TTX36 rear. Both models feature Brembo M4.34 Monoblocs to slow the machine down. There are a lot of cosmetic changes also, such as to the wheels, frame, and bodywork and a high-level of specification all round. However Triumph have managed to keep to the shape of the Speed Triple that every owner knows and loves... discussions on round versus oval headlights aside.

There's been no word about when these will start turning up in dealer showrooms, but it surely must be in time for the biking season proper... so expect April time. The new Speed Triples are more than just a new facelift, they are a step up from what there was before. Have a look at the videos and see for yourself.