Wirral Branch latest to sell Merchandise Online

The Wirral Branch have become the latest branch of the TOMCC to sell their own Merchandise online. Featuring the Wirral TOMCC logo, you can get T-Shirts, Polo-Shirts, Sweatshirts, Hoodies, Beanies, Caps, Neck tubes, Face masks, Sew-on Patches, Mugs, and Leather Key Fobs. Visit the Merchandise Site below.

The Wirral Branch was formed in 1979 making it one of the longer serving branches - though the South London branch is still the longest as it was the founder branch back in 1949.

All the TOMCC's merchandise is sold through Redline Clothing and any Branch who wants to sell their own Merchandise can do so through Redline too if they want. They just have to get their Logo approved by the TOMCC Committee (licensing and Trade Marks and other legal stuff) and they are away. They need do nothing else other than contact Redline. The branch will then get commission on sales so by buying Branch Merchandise you'll be helping the Branch also.