TOMCC Hold Virtual AGM

The TOMCC have finally held their postponed 71st (2020) AGM - though with the Coronavirus restrictions in place it had to be held virtually using the Zoom video conference platform. Whereas the committee positions had been in a bit of transition, the AGM made the take-up of the various positions official. All positions are now filled.

A total of 23 members took part in the AGM (though one was lost part way through and and one joined part way through). Initial expectations indicated that 60 would be interested in taking part so the AGM went ahead with that in mind, but on the day the sunny weather and prospect of spending a few hours in front of a computer screen reduced that number.

The meeting started at 10:00 and lasted until 13:00. Various officers' reports were given along with the Treasurer's report on the Club finances for 2019. The 2019 accounts were accepted. This was the last job outgoing Treasurer Mick Barratt had to do before passing on the position.

The following Executive Officers were elected: Chairman: Ken Talbot, Vice Chairman: Tim McKie, General Secretary: Jan Talbot, Treasurer: Peter Smithson, Membership Secretary: Laurence Mee, Events Coordinator: Steve Battye, Public Relations Officer: Ivan Taggart, Commercial Officer: Brian Kirkham, Editor: Maurice Smith.

The following additional Officers were elected: Librarian: Alan Nelson, Machine Registrar: Richard Wheadon, HQ Secretary: Gary Langman, Webmaster: Laurence Mee, International Liaison Officer: Vic Oliver, BMF Rep: John Nelson, ACU Rep: Ken Talbot.

Steve Jackson was also elected as a Vice President.

The four propositions were discussed. Proposition 1 (Regions) passed. Proposition 2 (review management structure) also passed and Ken stated he would lead the review. Proposition 3 (life-sized sculpture of J R Nelson) failed. Proposition 4 (affiliation to MAG) passed.

Thank you to all those who took part in these strange times. Hopefully we will be able to see you all in person next year.