New UK Branch forming in Shropshire

It already has enough support and will be holding its first meeting next month. Since it has been possible to go back to pubs, albeit with social distancing, some branches have been able to start holding meetings again. This has allowed the proposed Shropshire branch to organise its first meeting.

The branch will be meeting for the first time on the 17th September from 19:30 onwards at the Royal Oak (The Tiddly), Ellerdine Heath, Telford, TF6 6RL. Everyone who is interested in helping the branch start up will be welcome.

The pub is very keen to welcome the TOMCC and one of its staff is a Club Member. It already has over 20 Members supporting the branch, and of course it has a venue, so all it needs now is a Committee (just three people are needed - Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary) and at least one of those positions is already taken.

If you want to form a branch in your area, all you need is 20 Members (including yourself) of the Club to support the Branch, a place to meet, and a committee. The place to meet needs to be 20 miles from any other branch but can be any good place such as a pub or cafe.