New Section for Tiger Cubs and Terriers

If you have an interest in the Triumph Terrier or Tiger Cub models then this is the section for you. It is dedicated to Triumph's light-weight machines that debuted in 1952 and 1953 and all their variations up to 1969. You don't necessarily need to be a Member of the TOMCC to take part in the section either.

Sections are special interest groups of the TOMCC that are dedicated to specific models or aspects (e.g. there could be a section on Lucas Electrics though it would be pretty dark). They are available to anyone to take part, but there must be at least one TOMCC Member in the section who helps run it.

The Tiger Cub and Terrier section involves others through its website ( If you want to get involved then e-mail the contact at the bottom of the Home page. There is also a Forum group dedicated to the section but this is only available to Members of the TOMCC.

The section's website is also always going to be a 'work in progress' with new information, stories and articles being added on a regular basis. An introduction to the machines, the different models, tech tips and maintenance, a buyer's guide, owner's stories, competition successes and riders and more. In fact everything to help promote the use, enjoyment and ownership of your Tiger Cub and Terrier machine.