Triumph Bonneville Parts From Burton Bike Bits

Burton Bike Bits are famous for parts for Triumph Pre-Units, TR7 Tigers and T140 Bonnevilles from the fifties, sixties and seventies. However, you may not know that through the "British Bike Bits" website they now carry a great range of Triumph Parts for the modern (Hinckley) versions of the Bonneville both EFI and Carb.

Burton Bike Bits carry a very diverse range of Triumph parts from quality brands such as Dunstall Motorcycles, Hagon, Motone, Norman Hyde and many more.

Triumph Bonneville Seats

Perhaps the most popular Triumph Bonneville parts are their classic style seats for new Bonneville. One of the biggest complaints about the air cooled model is the comfort of the stock Bonneville seat. It is quite thin, not the best looking and doesn't soak up the bumps on a long ride. So Burton Bike Bits went about developing a seat which harks back to the sixties Bonnevilles, but perhaps more importantly, offers improved comfort over the stock "plank".

They were quoted as saying "We now carry a range of 23 Triumph Bonneville seats for 2001 onwards air cooled models. We have now also added a range for the water cooled T100 & T120 Bonnevilles. We can fulfil custom orders, so if you want a different unique style, just ask!"

There are quite a range of styles and colours available. From classic basketweave to cafe racer to flat track seats. All of these seats are manufactured in the UK and also fit straight on with out any modifications so are a really good easy upgrade which adds to the look and comfort of your bike.

Triumph Bonneville Exhaust Systems

Aftermarket exhaust systems are another sought after modification for New Bonnevilles. Nothing beats the noise of a twin engine, but the stock silencers don't do it any justice at all. Burton Bike Bits, with Dunstall Motorcycles offer an array of affordable systems to help you with your exhaust note kicks. The most popular Triumph Bonneville exhaust / slip on silencer for the Triumph Bonneville & T100 models is the Dunstall 48A3 silencer set. Styled as per the stock silencers, but just slightly shorter, these silencers (using this term loosely) really pack a punch. Again, another straight fit, without any modifications needed (you may want to rejet if fitting on a carb model) these pipes give you Bonnie a superb rumble, very much like the sixties T120 Bonnevilles.

According to Burton Bike Bits "If you upgrade one item on your T100 Bonneville, get the Dunstall Silencers."

Triumph Bonneville Accessories

There are also a vast array of Triumph Bonneville Accessories on the British Bike Bits website. From handlebar grips to seat bolts and lots in between! They also have some new developments in the pipeline so keep an eye on this news feed.