UK Launch Evenings for Street Triple RS and Rocket 3

Dates for the UK dealer launch evenings of the new models for 2020 that have so far been announced are ready to be put into your diary. The Street Triple RS is set for the 21st November 2019 whereas the Rocket 3 (R and GT) looks like it will be on the 17th December. Spaces may be limited so call your dealer.

The Rocket 3 R and GT models were announced a while ago, following the announcement of the Rocket 3 TFC limited edition. The Rocket 3 TFC has already been debuted around the dealerships but despite dates for the USA being announced for the Rocket 3 R and GT viewings there were no dates for the UK (or Europe). Now it looks like the dealer launch will be on the 17th December with Edinburgh Triumph being amongst the first dealerships to announce the date.

Despite the new Street Triple 765 RS model being announced fairly recently, the launch event is only a few weeks away. The Street Triple 765 RS is Triumph's best selling model - at least in the UK - and one of the best selling motorcycles in the UK overall. Triumph are keen to keep the model up to date to keep that edge over the competition. It is an amazing machine for the size and price and the dealer launch of the latest updates will be on the 21st November with Carl Rosner being amongst the first to announce the date.

As with all evening launch events, spaces are limited so make sure to call the dealership before turning up.