AGM 2018 Report in Brief

The 2018 AGM of the Club was held on the 8th April 2018 at the Discovery Museum in Newcastle Upon Tyne. The North East England branch were responsible for an excellent venue... the Committee even had their own stage to sit on. A large number of attendees rode up from various locations across the UK.

The meeting went without hitch and finished early for a change. The committee members that stood for a position were all elected unopposed. This leaves the PRO and Commercial Officer positions available and a job description will appear on here in due course if anyone is interested in taking up the challenge. The Vice Chairman position was taken up by Peter Smithson (an ex-Treasurer) after a little persuasion from his "friends".

The propositions all passed. This means that the Merchandise Office position has now been expanded to become the Commercial Officer position - a role responsible for more than just merchandise bringing in advertising, branding, and liaising with the factory. A full role description and an appeal for anyone interested will be forthcoming.

The 'THAT' Trophy was won by the TOMCC USA branch. This trophy is given to the branch that has done the best at managing to recruit new members but also keep existing members. It is called the 'THAT' Trophy because of it's rather eclectic design. It was made by some Meriden employees out of spare engine parts in their spare time, and basically resembles two bikers supporting a round shield with the Triumph logo on it - or as someone put it, Bill and Ben holding up some clutch plates between them.

A full report will appear in Nacelle.