Sump Poem Casts Doubt on McQueen Scrambler

Sump Magazine has published a series of poems, one of which is casting doubt on the authenticity of the Triumph TR6 that reputedly was ridden by Steve McQueen and used in the film The Great Escape by Bud Ekins to jump the fence. They also have a few other poems featuring Triumphs to have a read of.

They've cast doubts on Dick Shepherd's 'find' before, and are again pushing the same unsubstantiated claims. According to them not only Dick Shepherd and Henry Cole are in cahoots, but presumably all the other Triumph experts who know a lot more about these things than some journalist sitting behind a computer screen.

Their press release reads: "Sump Magazine isn’t exactly promising that. But to help relieve some of the symptoms (lockdown depression, cabin fever, motorcycling withdrawal symptoms, etc), here’s a selection of amusing, piquant and thought-provoking motorcycle poetry that reflects the highs and the lows of biking in the UK. Sit back for ten minutes and enjoy a literary jaunt around these motorcycling back roads..."

The website has other poems on their 'Poetry Home Page' that are fairly amusing too - in a 'WTF' sort of way.

Sump Magazine have apparently made rather spurious claims in the past. They have effectively encouraged bikers to disregard the COVID-19 restrictions by saying it's understandable for a biker to go out for a joy ride that lead to a crash that tied up emergency staff who would be better placed dealing with COVID-19 patients. They make claims that the bike magazine industry, which includes themselves, don't mention each other yet they do just that on many an occasion in their 'What the Uvver Rags are Saying' feature. They've published advice on what to say to the Police if you have been caught out on your bike during the restrictions without a good excuse. To say that they are economical with the truth and their morals would also be stretching the point.

Please, stay at home, stay safe, and don't travel unless it is for essential reasons.