CoMO issue UK Guidelines on Riding during Coronavirus

The Coalition of Motorcycling Organisations (CoMO) has today issued guidelines to help motorcyclists in the UK continue to enjoy riding whilst staying safe (and within the law) with the current Coronavirus situation. Advice on group rides which have now started back up again is also given.

CoMO is coalition between some of the biggest motorcycling organisations. The Motorcycle Action Group, British Motorcyclists Federation, IAM Roadsmart, The Vintage Motor Cycle Club, The Trail Riders Fellowship, the Auto-Cycle Union, Biker Down, and the TOMCC.

Including clear advice on group riding now that lockdown restrictions are relaxing, the guidelines allow motorcyclists to maintain their mental well-being by riding their bikes whenever they can legally and safely, whilst complying at all times with Government guidelines.  The revised guidelines also carry advice for COVID-safe incident management courtesy of James Sanderson, the founder of Biker Down UK.

The Coalition continues to await engagement with Government officials, a source of great dissatisfaction amongst the members.  Despite the reticence being displayed by the Government the Coalition remains committed to interpreting rapidly changing legislation and guidance and translating it into clear motorcycling related advice that will benefit all riders in all situations.

Lead authors of the updated guidance were the Vintage Motorcycle Club’s Roger Bibbings and IAM RoadSmart Head of Riding Standards, Richard Gladman.

Richard said: "As the COVID restrictions begin to relax it is important we remember how close we could be to further lockdown restrictions if the infection rate escalates. We as motorcyclists are duty bound to help in any way we can, the relaxation has allowed us to gather in small groups as long as we adhere to social distancing rules. The guidance document we have prepared helps with best practice and is intended to help us court the right sort of publicity. Motorcycles are a safe viable form of socially distanced transport but also a great support for mental wellbeing."

Roger added: "Although the initial peak has now passed, COVID 19 remains a potentially deadly infection that can be passed on unknowingly to others. These guidelines are designed to help motorcyclists play their part in getting on top of the pandemic. They are relevant even to group rides that happen quite informally but which in practice still need to be led by someone. So 'decide who is in charge' and 'stay COVID safe at all times' are the two key messages for all motorcyclists who are riding together."