VisorDown Rocket 3 UK Review

The UK Press Rocket 3 bikes have landed in the UK and VisorDown were one of the first to get hold of one. Riding at a press launch in Spain is one thing, but dodging the hazards you find on UK roads is something else. Filmed before the Coronavirus lockdown, this gives some insights into how good the Rocket 3 is.

With motorcycle dealerships across the country closing completely or downsizing operations and focusing on keeping key workers moving, the chances are there are riders out there who’d have hoped to already have had a go on the new Rocket. In this video, VisorDown have tried to answer some of the questions that you’d ask yourself when out for a test ride.

It's not the most engaging video, but if you want to hear some real-world views before buying one then it will be worth it.

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