Korie McGreevy wins Championship on Daytona 675R

The BSB Pirelli Superstock 600 Championship has been won by Korie McGreevy on a Triumph Daytona 675R. Korie McGreevy took a last lap victory in the final race of the season, taking the Championship title in the process. This only goes to show just how good and competitive the Daytona 675 still is.

With wins in various tracks and race series - not forgetting the TT and Ulster GP this year by Peter Hickman - the now fairly old, and unsupported, Daytona 675R is still cutting it at the top level of racing. Commenting on Korie's win, commentator Jack Burnicle remarking 'just how good that Daytona 675 is'. Yet Triumph stopped producing the model back in 2016 and sold all their racing spares off in 2018. Yes, they are featuring rather strongly in Moto2, but there is currently no Supersport offering from Triumph (not counting the Moto2 Limited Edition) and as good as it is, the Daytona 675 can't continue racing for that much longer.

It is about time that Triumph considered producing a next-generation Daytona. Now it is very true that the Daytona 675 didn't sell well - no Supersport machines did to be fair - and it probably didn't make back the money that Triumph spent on developing it through direct sales. BUT the race success is superb marketing for Triumph in general and you can't put a price on that. How many sales of other models were as a result of Triumph's racing success? It is also almost certain that without the Daytona 675 race successes there would have been no Triumph in Moto2. You also need to consider that a lot of technology developed for the Daytona went on to be used in other models.

Korie was not the favourite to win but managed to achieve the unthinkable in coming first. He took a last lap victory in the final Pirelli National Superstock 600 race of the season, taking the Championship title in the process. Shane Richardson had grabbed the holeshot to be the early race leader but half way round the opening lap Storm Stacey had taken over the front of the pack. With the safety car being deployed on the start of lap two, the race resumed three laps later as Eunan McGlinchey took the lead whilst Richardson slipped back to tenth.

A 12 rider train formed the mid-race but disaster struck Richardson on the start of the final lap as he was forced to retire. With Richardson out, it was a last lap battle between Stacey and McGreevy for the 2019 title. Taking the lead half way round the final lap, Stacey had a big moment seeing him slip to third as McGreevy grabbed the lead to win the race and the Pirelli National Superstock 600 title.