Calling all Triumph Tina enthusiasts!

Bikesure are currently writing an article about the Ultimate Scooter Collection and are searching for owners of the Triumph Tina to get their opinions from. So what is an ultimate collection? Whether it’s records, memorabilia or scooters, enthusiasts always debate which elements are needed to make a collection ultimate.

But what does Google’s search data say is the ultimate classic scooter collection? What are people looking for? What does it suggest are the most desirable scooters to own? Using digital keyword tools, Bikesure have created a list of the most searched-for scooters to see if they could create the ultimate scooter collection.

Google tells us the Triumph Tina is one of the most sought-after classic scooters and Bikesure would like to hear from enthusiasts. Would you be happy to answer a few email questions for their article? If so, please email them at and they will send the questions.

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