Triumph Dating Service News

No, it's not another version of Grindr, it is the service provided by the TOMCC which allows you to get proof of age/manufacturing date for your Triumph. The cost of this service was increased on 1st January 2020 to £10 for Club Members or £32 for non-Members (UK), having not been increased for almost 20 years!

The TOMCC is recognised by the UK's DVLA as an authority on Triumph motorcycles. This means that we can support an application (on form V765) for a Triumph to be given an original registration plate if it has never been registered or has an age-related plate. If you are not sure about the process or are having problems then the Machine Registrar will be more than happy to help. You can get in touch using the 'More Information' link below.

The service is predominantly used by UK residents because of the date-related nature of UK registration numbers, the undesirability of 'Q' plates, and the legal requirement that a registration number cannot be used to make a vehicle appear younger than it really is. Other countries do have date-specific registration numbers (such as the Netherlands) but they aren't anywhere near are important to owners as in the UK and don't necessarily recognise the TOMCC as an Authority, yet. Other countries accept the TOMCC Certificate of Age when determining the legislation that a vehicle needs to meet when imported or first registered.

The cost of the service is £10 for all Members of the Club as of the 1st January 2020. If you are not a Member of the Club (taking out a Magazine Subscription only does not make you a Member) then you will need to pay one year's membership plus £10 which is currently £32 for UK citizens and £40 for non UK citizens. You can become a Member of the Club at the same time as getting your Certificate of Age by sending in a Membership Form with your documentation and payment for the Dating service. If you are going to request the service for more than one Triumph in a year then it is cheaper to join as a Member.

Payment for the service is currently by UK cheque only. The cheque must be made payable to 'Triumph Owners M.C.C.' We are not able to take electronic payments for this service currently because of a number of factors. With a cheque we can hold on to it until we have finished providing the service and pay it in only after we've provided the certificate. With electronic payment we wouldn't be able to put it on hold and the Payment Providers would require us to send the certificate for the service within a few days of payment which isn't something we can necessarily do. The service can take several weeks to accomplish, bearing in mind that the Machine Registrar is a volunteer doing this in his spare time. However, we are looking at ways in which we would be able to accept electronic payment for this service.