MK1 Speed Triple Owners Club becomes Section of TOMCC

We are pleased to announce that the MK1 Speed Triple Owners Club (MK1STOC) has become a Section of the TOMCC. As the most dedicated community to the original and iconic Speed Triple, they compliment the TOMCC - the most dedicated community to all Triumph motorcycles. Read on about how you can form a Section yourself.

Any Member can form a Section. They are independent groups usually dedicated to one model, but other niche interests within the massive world of Triumph is acceptable. All that a group needs is a Full Member of the TOMCC who is on the Section's committee. It is, of course, hoped that the Section will help promote the TOMCC and of course the TOMCC will help promote the Section. If you fancy starting a Section then get in touch with the Club's Vice Chairman.

The MK1 Speed Triple is the bike that made the re-launched Triumph brand, based in Hinckley Leicester, desirable and edgy once more. Triumph's successful re-launch was built on a foundation of solid build quality, innovative engineering and a ground breaking modular manufacturing processes. However they truly made it when they found their cool again. The MK1 Speed Triple was the first Hinckley bike cool enough to roll up at the Ace and had enough soul to be at home, as nice as a Trophy is it just couldn't cut doing that.

The vision of the MK1STOC, through their website, is to create a portal to all things MK1 Speed Triple that lurk elsewhere on the interwebz. They have consciously chosen not to tread on the toes of other well established sources of information and support communities. This doesn't mean they haven't got our own ideas though!

Enjoy the site, feel free to get involved and hopefully they'll see some more people at the meets. Either way, have a poke about there and they hope you'll enjoy what you've found. They are always open to new ideas for the site so drop them a line using the contact page and they'll get back to you.