Triumph Global Dealer Conference News

In footage shared on Facebook by quite a few dealers worldwide, Triumph previewed their new models and aspirations for 2019 in an unprecedented media blitz. They promised 8 new bike stories and had a series of guest stars riding the machines up on stage. Read on to find out more about what they showed off.

The event was compared by Miles Perkins (Head of Brand Management) and Chris Cheetham (Head of Global Marketing).

First up was the new Street Twin for 2019. We've already heard a lot about this already from Triumph's previous press release. Ridden up on stage by Lauren from the Triumph team, the machine will have 18% more power whilst still keeping the torque (80Nm) and more revs to play with.

The next machine to be shown off was the new Street Scrambler for 2019. Again we've heard a lot about this already. It has the same engine as the new Street Twin. Triumph announced that they are going to make an 'Urban Tracker Inspiration Kit' available for the model including a rugged pannier and high level front mudguard. They showed off a custom painted 'Bike Shed' tank but that isn't part of the kit (shame).

The next two models to be shown off were two T120 limited editions, ridden by Tom (from the Triumph team) and the racer Billy McConnell. These machines are being debuted at EICMA in Milan later this year.

The Bonneville T120 Diamond Edition has been created to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of the Triumph Bonneville. There will be only 650 Diamonds produced and each one will come with a certificate signed by Nick Bloor. It features a lot of chrome and a silver Union Jack paint scheme. The production number harks back to the original engine size of 650cc (actually 649 but who's counting).

The Bonneville T120 Ace is based on the Bonneville Black and is an Ace Cafe inspired design with a four-bar tank badge, unique Ace inspired paint scheme, Ace graphics, and a message on the tank - 'Head Down and Hold On'. There will only be 800 of these and they will also come with a certificate signed by Nick Bloor, and also by Mark Wilsmore of the Ace Cafe.

Next up was the turn of the Scrambler 1200, but video footage of that was embargoed until after the launch event.

The sixth story saw the new Speed Twin being shown off. We've not heard too much about this machine, but we've all been well aware that it was in the works due to the various spy shots. Triumph are hoping to build on the magnificent heritage of the original '1938' Speed Twin (though it was in fact released in September of 1937 - back then the model year production started in August of the previous year). Triumph are promising the style of the Street Twin and the power and torque of the Thruxton R. It will have a 1200cc engine and they claim it will be the next generation of performance. THey have designed it to handle much better whilst also having better agility than the Street Twin and Thruxton R. Pitched as a 'Riders' bike, it will be lighter than the Thruxton R and indeed, lighter than it's competition. The machines were ridden by Christos (from the Triumph team) and the amazing racer and founder of Woman on a Motorcycle Maria Costello.

The last story we were able to see was the one we didn't expect... or did we? Customising. Triumph promised this to be a Landmark moment for Triumph and the Custom World with the full story being released at an event on 24th January 2019. The Triumph Custom Workshop has been responsible for a number of unique, one-off, custom machines in the past and Triumph have considered that the public should benefit from their skills. With this in mind, they revealed 'Triumph Factory Customs'. These will be one-off, never to be repeated, limited edition machines with better specs and details. The first machine to be released will be the Thruxton TFC. The machine was ridden onto the stage by 'Dutch' van Someren (founder of the Bike Shed). There will be just 750 of these machines and will feature lots of carbon fibre (such as the cockpit fairing) and billet aluminium. It will be lighter and have more power than the standard Thruxton.

So what about the 8th story? Well the videos closed on some sneak shots of what could be a Rocket III TFC, or possible a new Rocket III entirely with what looked like a single sided swinging arm. Later a number of pictures surfaced on Facebook showing a new Rocket III model being ridden on stage.

Shortly after the videos were posted, most of them were taken down again. Apparently Triumph hadn't meant for everything to be released to the general public.