Triumph Launch New Speed Triple 1200RS

Triumph have today (26/1/2021) launched their new Speed Triple 1200RS online. In a video featuring Matt Roberts as the presenter and introducing several key Triumph personnel we got to see, hear, and explore the new machine. It has an all new 1160cc lump which has been developed from the ground up.

Steve Sargent was first up with some figures about the new version. It has more power (by 30PS) and more torque (by 8Nm) than previous versions giving it 180PS (177.5bhp) power at 11,150rpm and 125Nm (92ft-lbs) torque at 9,000rpm. The engine is lighter and has lower inertia which means it spins up a lot quicker than previous Speed Triples. Lessons learned in the development of the Moto2 engine have been used on this beast - don't go thinking that this is just a re-bore of the 1050, this is something new. The exhaust note is also new with a lot more bark to its Speed Triple signature - and sounds beautiful.

Jake Dixon features in the video and thinks the machine is a 'weapon'.

Stuart Wood (Triumph's Chief Engineer) explained that they have been able to reduce the weight down to 198kg wet and have made the machine narrower with pegs closer in to the body to give better ground clearance, but with wider bars for more control. The tyres are now Metzler Racetecs - they might not suit everyone as they are more track focused but they're easy to change.

Felipe Lopez from the Development Centre in Spain was on video link explaining about the tweaks they made to the geometry to give an optimal ride or both the track and the street.

Technology wise, we are looking at a new gen 5" TFT screen, a new Shift Assist system, an integrated IMU (at last), and fully keyless access. By fully keyless we mean that even the fuel filler cap is keyless (things we predicted in a review of the previous Speed Triple).

Miles Perkins explained that the Speed Triple is still a 100% performance naked streetfighter and has an even more aggressive attitude. The Speed Triple continues to revolutionise the naked category.

Colours are Matt Silver and Sapphire Black. There will be the usual accessories including scrolling LED indicators, TPMS, and quick-release luggage.

Paul Stroud announced that the price would be £15,100 and that it would be in dealers at the end of February. Dealers are accepting deposits from today. This will be one to take for a test ride for definite.