New Speed Triple Launch on 26th January

Triumph will reveal their "all-new" Speed Triple 1200 RS on the 26th January at 12pm GMT. We've all see the spy shots right? If not then see the MCN article below. It was about time the 1050 model had a major refresh but what exactly can we learn from the initial teaser video released by Triumph?

Triumph are saying "All-new in every dimension the Speed Triple 1200 RS will deliver an absolute revolution in terms of Speed Triple power, performance, handling and technology, for the ultimate performance naked sports ride."

This is good to hear because the Speed Triple had been lagging behind the offerings from other manufacturers and its crown as the ultimate hooligan machine had slipped.

So, obviously, it has a new engine. This doesn't seem to be a revamp of the 1050 lump but appears to be a complete redesign judging by the spy shots. We expect it to be an 1160cc engine but Triumph may have pushed it closer to 1200. This will deliver more power - closer to 180 bhp for the RS we think - and of course more torque which is the usual by-product of measures designed to meet the Euro5 specification. With the spy shots showing the clutch higher up, MCN think that Triumph have gone for a vertically stacked gearbox.

The suspension will have had a complete overhaul from the 1050 model and it looks like the rear unit will be fixed directly to the swinging arm rather than through a linkage which frees up more room under the bike for the catalytic converter. With new suspension the wheelbase and rake/trail will also change - but will Triumph sharpen the steering or aim for a more balanced feel?

The model will, of course, come with a new-style TFT dashboard and we would assume it would also come with the Bluetooth module to link it to your phone as standard and provide Google Maps integration.

All will be revealed in less then two weeks.