Aragon Testing for Triumph Moto2

This week has seen several chassis manufacturers testing the new Triumph 765cc Moto2 engine in their chassis in preparation for the 2019 Moto2 series. Alex Marquez, Ricky Cardus, and Alex de Angelis have been taking the new machines through their paces testing the engine-chassis combination.

The 765cc three cylinder engine - as used in the Street Triple range - is replacing the aged Honda 600cc lump for the 2019 Moto2 series. Being only a triple means the engine is narrower than the four which is pleasing the riders, but of course the chassis need to be re-developed to accommodate the new engine. Kalex were the first chassis manufacturer to get a chassis-engine combination into testing at the start of 2018 which bodes well for their success in 2019, the others are all playing catch-up whilst still trying to support the current Moto2 teams.

Alex Marquez took the Triumph-Kalex machine out on Wednesday for a shakedown test around Aragon. Ricky Cardus (and Julian Simon) were testing the Triumph-KTM combination. Alex de Angelis was testing the Triumph-NTS combination. No other teams are currently testing the Triumph engine but as this season progresses it's certain that more will be.

Friday saw a surprise return of Jonas Folger to Moto2 since quitting the Tech3 team in January due to illness. He tried out the Triumph-Kalex machine.

Alex Marquez was reported as saying that the 765cc engine was closer to MotoGP performance, though still needed work with the Magnetti Marelli electronics. Alex stated that 'the engine is closer to MotoGP and when it comes to braking, the bike seems a bit heavier. With this change of electronics, Moto2 riders will be closer to MotoGP because they have already started working on these aspects'.

Alex de Angelis was reportedly impressed with the change from the Honda 600 to the Triumph 765 engine. He stated that 'it was the first time, this bike had never been on the track. These bikes are powerful, but without scaring the rider. The Triumph engine has a good power delivery. It’s a beautiful revolution and certainly a step forward in all aspects. I don’t see any cons in transition to the Triumph engine. The new electronics makes everything more current, it’s a joke that had not yet, even because there is already much on the road bikes. I would say that it is now a race bike, and one of the best evolutions is the system that allows to change the changes in using the clutch'.