Ivan and Triumph Win at Bassella

Ivan Cervantes, a five-time Enduro world champion and Triumph ambassador since 2021, won the maxi-trail category with authority in the Bassella race in Spain, which took place on the 12th February 2021, commanding the race from the start. He lead from the start and never looked back.

His impressive technique, coupled with the off-road capability of the Triumph Tiger 900 Rally, allowed him to defeat the competition unchallenged, leaving Alessandro Ruoso's Yamaha 24.7 seconds behind and Gerard Farrés' Macbor more than a minute adrift.

The maxi-trail class is relatively new to the European circuits but it appears to be on its way to becoming a fixture, much in part due to the public’s ever-growing affection for travel-ready adventure bikes.

Ivan is helping Triumph to develop two new off-road models - a 250cc and a 450cc - with a brand new Triumph engine and chassis. We can't wait to see them.