Speed Triple 1200RR Launched

Starting from £17,950 ($20,950 €20.600) the half-faired version of Triumph's Speed Triple 1200 range isn't cheap but does feature electronically adjustable semi-active suspension to cope with the 180PS power output (with 125Nm torque). We think it will be a hit though the single headlight looks a bit different.

This isn't for those who have problems with their wrists or can't keep the sporty position for long, the clip-on bars are 135mm lower and 50mm further forward than the RS model. That should get most riders within the bubble formed by the new cockpit fairing... and that single headlight will probably catch on quite quickly too.

The electronic aids have been improved so in addition to the IMU-controlled ABS and Traction Control systems you have the top of the range Ohlins electronically adjustable semi-active suspension. There is front-wheel lift control too which is probably more of use on the track. Of course it is fully keyless and has cruise control. It has a 5" colour TFT screen as standard and 5 rider modes.

Make no mistake though, although this has had a lot of improvements that have come out of the Moto2 race program, this is no sports bike (half the fairing is missing for a start). However... we've heard, through the grapevine, that there is a possible new Street Triple based sports bike in the works. We'll see, but for now the Speed Triple 1200 RR is the top of the roadster range.