Museum Entry Discount Refused

In sharp contrast to what the Museum Manager promised. Back in March we received an offer from the Museum Manager to publicise their Event days and to give Members of the TOMCC discounted admission into the Museum with proof of Membership. Unfortunately that has turned out not to be the case.

Not only that but we have not received any reply to our emails querying the situation. We are left with the impression that the Museum Manager was only interested in publicising the Event days and not in providing the discounted entry as promised.

This is, of course, disappointing. Several of our Members had decided to take advantage of the offer and visit the Museum only to find that they would have to pay the full £12.50 price rather than the discounted £10 we were led to believe would apply.

So, please take note, you will not get discounted entry into the Sammy Miller Museum for being a TOMCC Member.