New Motorcycles Zero Emission by 2035 in UK

That is the aim of the UK Government as outlined in its new paper on decarbonising the transport system. Although the paper does state that there will be a lot of consultation on the proposed 2035 cut-off date we do not expect that the Government will change that date, so it will be electric motorcycles from 2035.

Thankfully, Triumph have been working on their TE-1 prototype which is funded by the UK Government’s Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV), and delivered through Innovate UK. This prototype will form the basis of Triumph's future Zero Emission motorcycle range.

The Government paper does state that they will go through a period of consultation first before fixing the 2035 date for motorcycles, but we all know what that really means. The consultation will be about how to achieve that date rather than possibly postponing it.

We are looking at the end of mass-production of petrol powered motorcycles. You do have 14 years notice and its reasonable to expect charging to be more widespread by then - and a motorcycle is a lot easier to get near a house if you don't have a driveway plus charging times to 100% will be a lot quicker then too.

If you're concerned by this development then you should contact the National Motorcyclists Council to find out how you can help.