Oracle3 Archive available to TOMCC Members

Members of the TOMCC can now access the Oracle 3 archive of Parts lists, Workshop manuals, and other information on Classic Triumphs online through a new dedicated website. The various documents are now available to be viewed and navigated on the web, including on mobile phones and tablets.

To view The Oracle online you will need to be a TOMCC Member and you will need to sign in to the Oracle Online website to view any of the documents using your TOMCC sign in username and password. If you're not a Member then you can Join online.

Over 40,000 pages in nearly 400 books of indexed data, information and categorised component sections with illustrations, analysis, comparison, explanation, investigation, yearly change notes and factory bulletins. The received wisdom of official Triumph & Triumph suppliers' publications and researched empirical data that pins down those questions that seem to rumble on forever. Having identified the most sought-after answers for the novice, Oracle three also delves into the reasons for evolution and change for the discerning enthusiast, with some surprising results and unexpected reading.

Oracle 3, if not the world's largest and most and most comprehensive volume of Classical Triumph data, will give more than many others combined.