Triumph and Breitling Partnership

Triumph has announced a partnership with Breitling, the well known Swiss watchmaker, which will end in the production of a limited edition watch and a customised motorcycle in early 2022. The announcement was made on Facebook on both the Triumph and Breitling pages featuring the Thruxton RS.

Breitling boutiques around the world are already displaying the Thruxton RS - and Breitling shared pictures from Paris, London, Hamburg, Zurich, and Amsterdam. The Thruxton RS is now Triumph's only Thruxton model.

Comments on the Breitling post were supportive and positive, comments on the Triumph post were not. That is only going to push Triumph more towards the Breitling buying audience, but the UK currently seems to be a country where people only criticise others and put them down.

The choice of Triumph is interesting. The Thruxton RS is now the only Thruxton model Triumph builds though sales are not all that bad. However the 1200cc engine is getting a bit old since its debut in 2015 and will be 7 years old in 2022 so this could be the signs of the next revamp because Triumph usually come out with 'specials' when a model change is due. That said, they haven't confirmed that the Thruxton RS will be the special customised limited edition.

The announcement had a minor pun in saying that Triumph and Breitling were GEARing up to the reveal. Someone else remarked that at least it wasn't a wind-up.