Shropshire win THAT Trophy for 2022

At the TOMCC's AGM, held in Wolverhampton this year, the winners of the THAT Trophy were announced and this year it is the Shropshire branch. The trophy is awarded annually to the branch who have performed the best at retaining existing members and recruiting new members.

Two USA branches held the second and third spots with TOMCC San Diego second and New England TOMCC USA third.

The Trophy was made by workers at the Meriden factory in their spare time, using spare parts (hopefully not ones from actual bikes on the production line) and a dab of artistic skill. Due to the esoteric appearance of the Trophy, whenever anyone asked about the Trophy and then saw it they remarked "Oh THAT Trophy" - the name 'THAT' Trophy stuck.

The Trophy isn't just given to the branch with the largest Membership, that would be no competition. It also isn't awarded to the branch that grows the largest over the year because larger branches should have an advantage there if their members all sign one person up. It is awarded to the branch that retains the largest percentage of their members as well as adding new members. The formula is that one point is awarded for each renewing Full Member (that is a Full Member who renews before their membership expires) and half a point is awarded for each new Full Member, then those points are totalled and divided by the number of members the branch had at the end of the previous year to get a percentage.