Bajaj Collaboration Back on Track

Back in 2020 Triumph confirmed that it had reached an agreement with Bajaj Auto of India to develop a new small-capacity range of motorcycles that would be produced by Bajaj but sold world-wide. That project was hit by COVID but since then the easing of restrictions has allowed it to get back on track.

The plan was to release the new range in 2022 - though Triumph haven't yet hinted at what capacities or types of motorcycle will be in the range - but the COVID-19 pandemic halted development between the UK and Indian firms. Now that the vaccine has been rolled out that collaboration has started again and apparently both firms have made up for lost time.

Miles Perkins (Brand Manager) said that the development was "going great guns, I have seen the development motorcycles and the prototype for those, it’s all on track. We haven’t yet confirmed exactly what the bikes are and exactly when we will launch them but news is forthcoming soon."

"The working relationship is strong, the design development is completely Triumph, these are Triumphs and the partnership is building it and selling them around the world."

"What Bajaj brings is phenomenal in terms of the ability to develop quality in this volume, especially in the lower capacity range."

It sounds like Triumph and Bajaj could be announcing something early next year.