TOMCC to become a Premium Affiliated Club with NABD

The National Association for Bikers with a Disability is a well deserving cause that several TOMCC Members have reason to be grateful to. As a result the TOMCC intends to become a Premium Affiliated Club and seek out ways to work together to promote both the NABD and the Club.

The main aim of NABD is to ensure that when it comes to motorcycling, a disability should not be a handicap. One of the main ways in which they help out is to design and fund adaptions to bikes and trikes to suit the specific needs of the rider. They help by gaining or regaining bike licenses for disabled riders; and they are recognised by the DVLA regarding the assessment of disabled riders in support of applications for license re-issue. They aim to help with any problems a disabled rider may experience in this area.

Their membership consists of all kinds of bikers: able-bodied and disabled, male and female – and covers the whole range of styles of motorcycle and motorcyclist: from sports bike to scooters, customs to commuters, dirt bikes to despatchers, and all forms of competition motorcyclist.

Obviously all of this costs money and funds are always needed. They raise these funds not only through memberships and affiliations, but also by holding fund-raising events, parties and rallies. A range of NABD merchandise is also available and affiliated clubs often run events in aid of the NABD. Their policy is that all donations go DIRECTLY towards motorcycle adaptions, unless otherwise specified by the benefactor.

They publish a quarterly magazine, 'Open House', which is posted to all members and affiliates. The magazine features reports on adapted bikes and trikes; along with information on both past and forthcoming events, and it also contains articles about disabilities and solutions to help overcome them.

Advertising space is available in Open House at very reasonable rates. Affiliated club members may also take up individual membership if they wish. They have an ever-growing network of active Area Reps, so there will usually be some NABD activity going on in your region.

The NABD, although having a good social side to it, is much more than just a social club. They are an actively campaigning association of bikers who wish to ensure that, when it comes to motorcycling; "A disability is not a handicap"