Craven Luggage Now on Tiger Cubs

If you have a Tiger Cub (T20) and always wanted some classic style luggage but couldn't find anything to fit, then Craven Equipment (the sister company to Draganfly) now have the answer for you. They have finally designed a luggage fitting kit suitable for the T20 Tiger Cub and at a very agreeable price also.

The luggage fitting kit, however, is not compatible with Bantam Cubs. It will only fit T20 Tiger Cubs from 1957 to 1966. If you have any fitting questions then please contact Craven Equipment directly.

You will need to buy the W Rack (in black) which allows the Craven top boxes to be fitted. If you only want the rack fitted then you can just buy the Rack Kit at £35.52 (ex VAT). If you want panniers too then you will have to additionally buy the pannier fitting kit at £17.95 (ex VAT). Shipping is free within the UK.